Monday, May 20, 2019
المعهد العقاري السعودي

Saudi Real Estate Institute

About Saudi Real Estate Institute

The Saudi Real Estate Institute (SREI) is an educational institute specialized in providing real estate sciences and aims to qualifying the real estate market workforces in order to provide them with professional certificates to work in the real estate industry efficiently.

SREI was launched 2/8/2018 is one of the initiatives launched by the Ministry of Housing, within the National Transformation Plan 2020, which aims to achieve Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, in cooperation with local and international partners and consulting firms in the real estate field.


Raise professional standards in the Kingdom’s Real Estate sector through high quality education, training and certification.


Provide relevant information and address all training needs in Real Estate through appropriate partnerships


  • 1. Raising the educational level and qualifying the Saudi real estate market workforces,
  • 2. Understanding the regulations and legislations of the Saudi real estate market.
  • 3. Developing and regulating the Saudi real estate market.
  • 4. Excellence and competence in training and qualification.
  • 5. Creating job opportunities for the Saudi citizens.
  • 6. The real estate platform for exchanging experience and knowledge.
  • 7. Organizing conferences and exhibitions.

Target group

1- Individuals

- All personal desiring to be qualified in the Saudi real estate industry.

2- Companies

  • - Real estate development companies.
  • - Real estate offices
  • - Engineering offices.
  • - Home builders.
  • - Maintenance and operation companies
  • - Real estate brokers.
  • - Association of owners.