Wednesday, April 24, 2019
المعهد العقاري السعودي

The Partners



Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

Aims for Developing, delivering and licensing technical and vocational training programs. Educating the community about the importance of technical and vocational training. Carrying out necessary researches and projects to follow up technical developments and global trends in the technical and vocational training field. Participating in national programs that adopt technology transfer and localization, provide support to them and to the private sector as well, and direct it to invest in the technical and vocational training.

Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority

Aims for Developing and supporting SMEs to enable them to prosper by leading the cooperation with our strategic partners in the public and private sectors.

Job Creation Commission

Working on generating jobs and unemployment control in the Kingdom by coordination among all government agencies, developing sectors that create jobs, stimulating the labor market, contributing to the development of capacities and potentials, and consolidating work ethics, culture and values.

Human Resources Development Fund

Aims to develop and increase the competitiveness of the national workforce in partnership with the public and private sectors through specialized and distinguished training, upskilling and employment programs that satisfy beneficiaries’ needs, provided by qualified human resources, advanced information systems, and integrated knowledge and research methodology.

national university of singapor (NUS) ( School of Design and Environment)

The School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore brings together excellence in education and research in Architecture, Industrial and Urban Design, Building and Real Estate. For over five decades, the SDE has been the sole provider of education and knowledge to the private and public sector in Singapore in these areas. SDE continues to be well positioned to be a strategic partner with Government agencies. SDE conducts interdisciplinary research in sustainable urban development, Indoor Environment and Energy, Building System and Diagnostics, Construction Management and Economics, International Real Estate etc. .

Community Associations Institute (CAI)

CAI is an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities. With more than 34,000 members, CAI has 63 chapters worldwide, and relationships with housing leaders in a number of other countries. CAI provides information, education and resources to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals who support them.
CAI serves community associations and homeowners by advancing excellence through seminars, workshops, conferences and education programs. And conducting research and serving as an international clearinghouse for information, innovations and best practices in community association development, governance and management.

British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM)

BIFM is the professional body for facilities management. BIFM support professionals across the world in attaining, developing and maintaining essential skills in the discipline of facilities management. BIFM mission is to be the leading professional body responsible for promoting excellence in facilities management for the benefit of practitioners, the economy and society. BIFM sets professional standards, defines development pathways and provides training and education. 


InterNACHI was formed in 1990 to provide training, continuing education and certificate programs in home inspection. It has over 20,00 members worldwide and was chosen to be a strategic partner by SaudiACHI because of its multinational experience and their interest in supporting the development of property inspection in Saudi Arabia. SaudiACHI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with InterNACHI to work together to exchange industry best practice methodology, concepts, tools and techniques in real estate inspection and evaluation.

( IE business School )

IE shapes leaders who drive innovation and change in organizations, providing a learning environment where technologies and diversity play a key role in fostering global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a humanistic approach.
IEs blended/Online MBA is ranked #1 worldwide by FT 4 years in raw and the Full time MBA is ranked by FT as number 8 worldwide. The executive education courses are recognized as one of the best in the worldwide.
IE offers programs in fields that include, real estate, business administration, law, finance, international relations, architecture, big data and technology, communication and media, and human behavior.

(LinkedIn )

LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful and transforms the ways companies hire, market and sell. Our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce through the ongoing development of the world’s first Economic Graph. LinkedIn has more than 500 million members and has offices around the world.