Monday, May 20, 2019
المعهد العقاري السعودي

Privacy Policy

Maintenance of the confidentiality and security of the trainees’ personal information is one of the most important matters as considered by the Saudi Real Estate Institute (SREI). Any information provided by the trainees to SREI upon using the Website such as that provided upon registration for obtaining a user account or upon logging in to the Website, which may include name, national ID number, contact details, gender, DOB, and profession is referred to as “Personal Information”. In addition, any reference by the pronouns “we” and “us” is a reference to SREI. SREI undertakes to make all efforts to maintain the security of the personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the information collected through the SREI’s Website which is referred to hereinafter as the “Website”. Any reference to the Website shall include all the Website contents and pages.

Personal Information Transfer Approval

User hereby agrees that SREI collects, uses, discloses and retains the user’s personal information, as stated in this Privacy Policy. This includes but is not limited to the transfer of personal information among SREI, the Ministry of Housing and its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Information Collected and Uses thereof:

SREI shall collect information including user’s personal information upon the user’s registration for obtaining a user name, joining the courses, sending an email, and/or taking part in public forums. SREI also shall collect information about the performance of the students and the patterns of learning. Furthermore, SREI shall keep track of the information which indicates a number of records such as the pages visited by the user on the Website, dates and order of the user’s visits, hyperlinks and other user interface tools used by the user.

SREI may register the IP address, operating system and browser used by each user and may be able, based on the IP address, to determine the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the user and the location of the user’s point of contact.

SREI uses a various set of internet analysis tools to collect such information; however, some information is collected by cookies. User should be able to control whether to accept or reject cookies and how to use such cookies as most browsers provide instructions on how to reset the browser to reject the cookies via the “Help” section in the toolbar. However, in case that the user rejects the cookies of the Website, many of the features and benefits provided by the Website may not function as they should.

Use and Disclosure to Third Parties

SREI’s Website may use the user’s information collected from the Website as well as other information (including personal information).

In case of sharing or disclosing personal information to third parties by SREI, such third parties are required to deal with the personal information confidentially and maintain adequate security in order to protect information from loss, misuse, unauthorized use, disclosure, change or destruction.

SREI may disclose and share the personal information required by third parties in order to meet the requirements related to collecting such information, such as:

  • Enabling instructors to hold, manage and improve courses.
  • Helping SREI and educational institutions to improve the offers provided by SREI, whether at the individual level (such as course cadre upon working with a student) or at the group level as well as assisting in evaluating login to and use of the Website and SREI’s effect on the education community on a global scale.
  • Monitoring individual and group attendance, progress made and online courses completed, and analyzing students’ performance statistics and method of learning.
  • Posting information “other than the personal information collected” about login to and use of SREI’s Website and its impact on performance of students.
  • Sending updates on the online courses provided or other events held by SREI, communicating with the students by sending notifications concerning products and services offered by SREI, SREI’s affiliates or selected partners concerned, or sending e-mails to the students regarding maintenance or updates of the Website.
  • Archiving and using such information for communicating with students in the future.
  • Maintaining and improving the functions and security of the Website and Website programs, systems and networks.

Useful Links

The Website may include links to websites of third parties such as other content and service providers. However, these other websites are not subject to the management of SREI. Therefore, user should understand and approve that SREI shall bear no responsibility for collecting and using the user information by these websites unless otherwise indicated in this Privacy Policy.

SREI recommends that users must be careful when they are directed to a third parties’ website and must review the privacy policy of each website they visit and use.

Privacy Policy Changes
It should be taken into consideration that SREI reviews this Privacy Policy periodically and may make some changes thereon. Login to the Website by the user after making any changes thereon is a prior approval by the user of the amended Privacy Policy. In case that a user receives notifications of the above changes, the user should visit this page periodically to ensure knowing the latest version of the Privacy Policy.